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Zakres usług MR Statik Group:

LPH5 –Plany zbrojeniowe, rysunki warsztatowe prefabrykacji



Liczba wykonanych rysunków:


W 2021 uczestniczyliśmy w projekcie centrum logistycznego o powierzchni 55 000m2. Odpowiedzialni byliśmy za zbrojenie konstrukcji monolitycznej oraz rysunki warsztatowe konstrukcji prefabrykowanych. Na potrzeby projektu wykonaliśmy ponad 680 rysunków prefabrykatów!

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Adrian Magierski
Adrian Magierski
Project manager

I have a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and extensive experience in construction project management.

My passion for civil engineering and new technologies drives me to achieve outstanding results. I combine theory and practice effectively, allowing me to implement innovative solutions and help colleagues solve their problems.

The knowledge and skills I have acquired enable me to balance costs, deadlines and project quality. I emphasize commitment, regularity, and professional execution in every project.

In addition to my passion for civil engineering, my family and my children inspire and motivate me.

A harmonious professional and personal life go hand in hand. When I spend time with my family, participate in my children’s activities, and create memories, I gain a new perspective and balance.